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Football Rivalries - Hadjuk Split v Dinamo Zagreb

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Football Rivalries: Hadjuk Split v Dinamo Zagreb

This edition of the ESPN football series with an edge investigates the long-festering feud between Dinamo Zagreb and Hajduk Split. In the world of club football there are particular derby matches which are steeped in history and catch the imagination of fans everywhere. Using a mix of archive footage and featuring some of the clubs most iconic players and managers. Football Rivlaries explores the legendary games and investigates what lies at the heart of the rivalry both on and off the pitch

Eternal Derby also known as the Croatian Derby, is the name given to matches between the two biggest and most popular Croatian football clubs Dinamo Zagreb and Hajduk Split.The rivalry can be traced back to 1920s when Zagreb's Građanski and Hajduk often clashed in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia championships. After World War II, Građanski was disbanded by the authorities, and Dinamo Zagreb was formed to take its place, retaining its colours.

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