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Third Half

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Third Half

"Third half" is documentary about football club Rekreativo from Banja Luka (Republic of Srpska - Bosnia and Herzegovina). Rekreativo is small amateur football club playing in the lowest division but its famous because of its famous honorary members like Lionel Messi, Ronald De Boer, Nele Karajlić, Emir Kusturica, Jelena janković, Nikola Karabatić ,Rubens Barichello and Bora Milutinović.

Unique in the world! Have players, don't have board, don't have coach, compete in the lowest active league because they can't be relegated, and have members which in their showcases have trophies that would make even Real Madrid envy them.

Director: Igor Tešić Director of photography: Danijela Barašin Camera asisstants: Dejan Grujičič, Dragan Miljić Editor: Žarko Kalaba

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